Accounting: Assigning Specific Service AR Codes to a Customer

Release 11.14.1

Users now have the option to use different AR Codes and associated General Ledger Accounts for different customers for Service Receivables. (Which otherwise will all go to AR Code “WO” and its associated GL Account.)

To understand how this works, follow the path:

In G2 Admin> Update Codes and Tables -> Account Receivable -> AR Codes, one Dealership set up the following:

AR codes (with a different GL account attached to each AR Code):

  • WO – Regular External Service
  • FAR – Inter-company Service
  • CRR – Rentals Service
  • CWR – Camping Service

In G2 Accounting> Accounts Receivable> Maintain Customers and pull up a customer. On the Miscellaneous tab, in the Miscellaneous AREA (bottom center), notice that a new field “Work Order AR Code” with a dropdown is available. If left blank, External Work Order Receivables will default to AR Code WO.

Assigning Specific Service AR Codes to a Customer

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