Accounting: Changing AP Funds Codes on Multiple Vendors at the Same Time

Release 11.14.1

Change Vendor AP Funds Code allows a group of Vendors to change from one Funds Code to another in bulk. This feature is available in G2 and Astra.

To try out this new feature, the user will need to be in G2 Accounting > Utilities> Change Vendors AP Funds Code, enter the “From” Funds Code and tab down. A list of Vendors which use this Funds Code will populate the grid. Uncheck any Vendors who should not have their Funds Code changed. Now enter the “To” Funds Code and tab down. The “Apply” button should become enabled (if the “From” and “To” Funds Codes are not the same.) Now click the Apply button, and the selected Vendor records should be updated properly to the “To” Funds Code.

accounting changing ap funds

In traditional Astra Menu 7-5-17, enter the “From” Funds Code and the “To” Funds Code, and a list of Vendors that use the “From” Funds Code will populate the numbered list below. After adjusting the selection of Vendors using the “A” followed by the line number of any Vendors to de-select, press Enter.

Then the user should be prompted if they wish to make the changes. Respond by clicking on the Yes button, and the Vendor records selected should be updated to the “To” Funds Code.

Accouting changing AP funds codes

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