Accounting: Changing GL Accounts on Tax Codes

Release 11.14.1

Formerly, the General Ledger Accounts assigned to each Sales Tax, to hold the amounts for Tax Batches, Tax Payables, and Tax Compensation Income, etc., could not be changed; now these GL Accounts can be changed if the new GL Account has a zero balance. This feature is available in G2 and Astra.

To try to change the GL Accounts for Sales Tax Codes, the users will need to be in G2 Admin, Setup> Update Codes and Tables> General Ledger> Maintain Tax Codes, select an existing State,

County or City Tax Code (not a Supercode), then try to change an existing GL Account.

In the example below, we have changed the Tax Clearing GL Account for the State of Alabama from 5-30-2011 to newly created TAX GL Account 5-30-2031:


In traditional Astra, Menu 9-12-2, we likewise changed field 10 from 5-30-2011 to 5-30-2031 for Tax Code MICH:


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