Accounting: Intercompany Batch Selection Options

Release 11.14.1

Formerly, reconciling intercompany transactions and creating batches was an all or nothing process. All items for all locations and sources had to be reconciled, or not.

Larger Dealers need to able to select on a smaller scale for viewing and reconciliation. Similar to Sales Tax Batching, they need the ability to select specific locations, sources and fiscal periods. Best of all, the ability to select a single transaction by the Source Key is available. This allows much greater control to the user at any multi-location Dealership that uses intercompany transactions.

To see an example of Selecting Intercompany Transactions to Batch, users will need to follow this path:

In G2 Accounting > General Ledger > Reconcile Intercompany Accounts, select a Location, Second Location, Source, and a spread of Fiscal Periods by tabbing down, as in the example below as indicated with green arrows. This can give a result of multiple items which will be batched if the

Batch button is clicked on now.

Or by selecting individual Source Keys in the dropdown (at the red arrow), rather than *-All

Source Keys, an individual transaction could be batched.

Note: Some un-batched Inter-company transactions are needed to see this.

intercompany batch selection option





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