Accounting: Make a General Ledger Account Inactive

G2 – Accounting

Add Ability to Mark a General Ledger Account as Inactive

As requested, our developers have allowed General Ledger Accounts with zero balances to be marked as “Inactive”. The effect of a GL Account being marked as inactive will be that any data for this GL account will be stored, but after the Year End Routine is run, this GL Account will not be carried forward to the next Fiscal Year.

It is recommended that marking a GL as Inactive be performed just prior to running the Year End Routine.

This new feature is only available to G2 Users.

In G2 Accounting> General Ledger> Maintain the General Ledger, select a GL account that will never be used again and has a balance of zero. The click on the checkbox by Inactive – see below:

General Ledger Inactive

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