Accounting: Rounding Sales Tax Amounts

Release 11.14.1

In Sales Tax Maintenance, there is now an option to “round to the nearest” five cents, or any other amount. Formerly, the Sales Tax amount would only round to the nearest or next penny. This feature was requested as an option by Dealers in Canada who are rounding cash Sales to the nearest five cents, since the Canadian penny is being phased out. This feature is available in G2 and Astra.

To set up rounding Sales Tax amounts, the user will need to be in G2 Admin> Setup> Update Codes and Tables> General Ledger> Maintain Tax Codes, select a Tax Code, then in the DISCLAMER box, enter the amount that needs to be rounded to. See the example below:

Accounting-Rounding Sales

In traditional Astra Menu 9-12-2, select any Tax Code, and then enter 0.05 in field 16. See the example below:

Accounting-Rounding Sales Tax

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