Add Directions to Customer’s Units for Service Calls


Allow adding information to customer’s unit to provide directions by land or by sea.

It was requested to have the ability to store the directions to the location of a unit at a Marina or other unit storage area on the Customer’s Units screen and to be printed on Work Orders created for that unit, in the case of out-of-shop repairs.

This feature is expected to be a valuable tool when mechanics travel to the Unit’s site, especially if they have a mobile device. Two separate data fields are available: one for arrival by land and one for arrival by water. These directions can print on the Work Orders and can also be accessed by using the IDS Mobile App Service.

This feature is only available to G2 Users.

To Try Adding Directions to Unit, the user will need to sign into G2.

In G2 Service> Work Orders> Update Work Orders, select an existing Work Order. If that Work Order has a Stock#, then left-click on the Stock #, and in the dropdown that appears, select Edit Stock Unit.

If the Work Order selected does not have a Stock#, Left click on the Description and in the dropdown, select Add Unit by Description. Then in the Customer Unit Information window, left-click on the Unit Information button near the center of this window.  On the Directions to Unit Location window, which pops up, the directions can be read, edited or entered.

Direction to Customer's Units

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