Admin: How to Change Default Grid Columns for all G2 Managers

Release 11.13.10

Grid Columns

Make grid columns customizable in all manager applications

The search result grid columns on all of the G2 Manager screens are now customizable. This means each User who can access these screens can adjust the width and select the item and its order for each column. This feature is only available in G2.

To use the Customizable Grid Columns, the user will need to go to Grid Customization. There is now a dropdown (where applicable) to allow a User to choose from a list of custom Views of the Search grid, or to use the “Default” columns on each of the Manager screens.

How to Change Default Grid Columns


Right-click on any column header and select “Choose Columns”

How to Change Default Grid Columns2


The Customize Grid Columns window will appear, displaying all of the available columns for the current grid.

How to Change Default Grid Columns3


The grid displays:

Default Heading

Custom Column Heading – customizable

Subroutine Security code (if applicable) required to be able to actually view the column.

A checkbox that controls whether a column displays or not (Note that some columns are required and unchecking them will result in the display of an error message and will not be permitted).

Columns can be moved around (left and right) by clicking on the column and then clicking on the green up or down arrow (the Grid Preview will display the selections).

How to Change Default Grid Columns4


The columns can be re-sized by clicking on the edges of the column headers in the Grid Preview and sliding them left or right to widen/shorten them.

How to Change Default Grid Columns5


Once finished with the changes, save them to a custom View. The DEFAULT View cannot be overwritten, as an error message will popup if this is tried. Click on Save As to create a custom View. Enter the new View Name and Description for this View and click on the OK button.

How to Change Default Grid Columns6


Click on the OK button when the Customize Grid Columns window reappears.

How to Change Default Grid Columns7


The Customize Grid Columns window should disappear and the calling window will refresh, displaying the newly created custom View.

How to Change Default Grid Columns8


Once there are multiple custom Views, simply select one from the dropdown box.

How to Change Default Grid Columns9


The next time the View dropdown is opened, the most recently selected View will display by default.

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