Service: Attached WO Documents Will Now Transfer With a Job

An enhancement has been added to the Document Management System ensuring that Jobs in G2 Update Work Order screen which are transferred to another Work Order, new or existing, will take any DMS documents attached to the old Job along to the new Job.

*Note: DMS is available only in G2 and requires setup by IDS Releases on the Dealer’s server prior to use. Please email RELEASES@IDS-ASTRA.COM to schedule installation of the Document Management System’s components if you are a G2 User and want to use the DMS.

The Dealership personnel who will use this DM system will require a Subroutine Security Code 10346 level Equal to or higher than the required level set by the Security Administrator for the Admin Module. We suggest setting the required SubSec level at 1 for DMS and 2 or higher for all other Admin tasks, then grant the Users, who would use the DMS, level 1 security in Admin.

The photos and documents stored by this method will reside in the cloud and must be accessed via an internet connection.

To See a DMS Document Transfer with a Job to a New Work Order the user will go to G2 Service> Work Order> Update Work Orders, open an existing Work Order, and find a Job that has no Actual items on it (Parts, Labor, Extras, Sublet, etc.), then click on the black icon (resembling a tiny black filing cabinet) currently on the right end of task bar line of icons, and attach a photo or other document to that Job.

Now the user can Transfer that Job to a new Work Order. The transferred Job will be renamed JOB-1 on the new Work order. Click on the DMS icon while in the new Work Order and JOB-1 is selected, and the photo or other document that was attached to the Job in the old Work Order should appear.

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