CRM: Easier to See Comments for Leads, Contacts and Opportunities


The Comments on CRM Leads, Contacts and Opportunities have been made available in a list and are arranged in a logical order. This list is accessed by left-clicking on the Comments box in these screens. This feature is available only to G2 CRM Users.

For a user to see a list of comments, In G2 Sales> Launch CRM> Leads> select a Lead that can be converted into a Contact and enter a Comment on the Leads screen. Now Qualify that Lead. Then on that Contact, enter a Comment on the Contacts screen. The user may now create a New Opportunity for that Contact, and enter a Comment on the Opportunity screen.

Save and Close the Opportunity screen. On the Contact screen, left-click on the Comments area and all Comments entered should be listed with a date and time.

In the example Contact screen below, notice the list of Comments entered from Opportunities and entered in the Contact screen, which are listed right above the entry area for new Comments: 


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