CRM: Assign Follow Up Tasks to Different Users

Release 11.14.4

Release 11.14.4 has added the ability to assign the tasks in a follow up schedule to different users.

To allow more choices in the automatic assigning of Salespeople to the Activities in a Follow Up Schedule, specific Activities that make up the Follow Up Schedule can be assigned to:

The Assigned Salesperson, a specific User, such as a Receptionist, or a member of a certain Sales Team.

This feature is available only to G2 CRM Users.

To Dictate to a Follow Up Schedule which Rule to Follow when Automatically Assigning Each Activity:

In G2 Admin> Setup> Configure CRM> Marketing> Update Follow Up Schedules, select any Follow Up Schedule that has 2 activities or more assigned to it and open it. The Activities template will list the Activities Name and Type, and how many days out they are scheduled. Click on one of the Activities; notice there is an area labeled Assign To (box in red below). There are 4 choices for automatically assigning each Activity in a Follow Up Schedule:

  1. The Current User, which is whoever is logged in when the Follow Up Schedule and its Activity are created,
  2. The Record Owner, which is whoever is assigned to this Lead or Contact/Customer,
  3. A Specific User, whose User ID will be entered in a field to the right, or
  4. A Specific Team, whose Team Name will be entered in a field to the right.

In the example below, SMC location’s Team 1 will be assigned all Appointments for Boat Rides.

CRM-Assign Followup

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