CRM: Customer Status Updates When Deals are Posted

Release 11.14.4

Now when a Deal is posted in G2 Update Deals, any Opportunity, which is associated with that Customer and that Inventory Unit, will automatically have its Status changed from Open to Won. This change only affects G2 CRM Users.

To Observe this Automation Feature:

In G2 Sales> Launch CRM> Opportunities/Looking For, make sure an Opportunity with a Status of Open exists for the Customer and Stock Number in a Deal you are ready to post.

Now in G2 Sales> Finance> Update Deals and Post the Deal from the step above.

Now back in G2 Sales> Launch CRM> Opportunities/Looking For, locate and open the Opportunity from the first step above by selecting Won Opportunities at the top and clicking on Search. Notice that the Status in the upper right corner is now Status: Closed Won.

CRM-Customer Status

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