CRM: Leads Search Profromance Improvements

Release 11.14.4

Release 11.14.4 brings CRM leads search performance improvement in some circumstances.

When Searching for Leads for a Salesperson in CRM Manager View with no search criteria, but that Salesman has no Leads yet, so no Leads were found, the search routine would then search for Leads that were close to meeting the criteria (but there were no criteria), so this secondary Search was taking a very long time, as it was trying to process every Lead in the system, and still coming up with no results.

This secondary search was eliminated for Leads Searches with no criteria only, which greatly improved performance in these cases.

To Observe the Quick Response when Salesperson has No Leads:

In G2 Sales> Launch CRM> Manager’s View, and select a Salesperson who has no Leads yet, and then click on the Leads bar. Leave the Search Criteria blank, leave the box for Include Contacts unchecked, and leave the box for My Items Only checked. Then click on the Search Button. It should return with “No results found” very quickly now.

CRM-Leads Search

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