Engage Your Customers, Sell More Units with IDS Engage Marketing Automation

Watch this webinar recording to find out how IDS Engage will help your dealership:
  • Target past customers who view your website inventory anonymously
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your past and new customers
  • Maximize the likelihood of a sale with personal, contextually relevant marketing that customers will actually look at
  • Segment based on motivation, behavior and value (i.e. equity mining, propensity to buy models)
  • Drive store traffic by enticing your web visitors with highly targeted special offers
  • Beat your competition to the punch


Contact Bill Sattree to learn about the special offer:
Call or text Bill Sattree at 801-558-5660

Embrace a New Era of Customer Engagement

As you already know, the pandemic has had an enormous impact on everyone, especially consumers. That’s why we’d like to share with you our guide to customer engagement during the pandemic

IDS Guide on Customer Engagement