Follow Up Schedules Can Now Global or By Location


Allow set up of follow-up schedules to be global or by location.

It was requested and implemented that a Dealership with multiple locations have the option to have certain Follow Up Schedules available only to certain Locations and other Follow Up Schedules to be available in all Locations.

This feature is only available to G2 CRM Users with multiple locations.

To Set the Follow-Ups Schedules for a Location or Globally, users will sign into G2. First in G2 Admin> Setup> Configure CRM> Schedule Follow Up, select an existing Follow Up Schedule and open it up.

Then on the Location field, notice that the dropdown allows the choice of “All” locations or a specific location. Selecting “All” here will place this Follow Up Schedule in the Dropdown choices in CRM, while choosing specific location such as “SRV” will only allow this Follow Up Schedule to be Available to Users in the SRV location.

Follow Up Schedule

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