GL Consolidation Routines Have Moved

Accounting & Payroll

General ledger consolidation, month end and year end tasks moved to accounting utilities.

Three common Accounting maintenance tasks have been moved from the Admin Module to the Accounting Module for easier access and more logical task location. This should reduce the necessity of accounting personnel to have to routinely enter the Admin module.

This enhancement affects only G2 Users.

To Find General Ledger Consolidation, Month End and Year End Tasks now, users will need to sign into G2. In G2 Accounting> Utilities> Close Month and Year will open up a window to allow Fiscal Months and Fiscal Years to be closed for Accounting purposes.

In G2 Accounting> Utilities> Consolidate the General Ledger will open up a window that allows Consolidation Names to be added or edited, General Ledgers Consolidation of multiple Locations to be performed, and Exchange Rates to be entered if some Locations use a different currency. 

Consolidation routines

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