How to Create “Golden Tickets”

Support Requests That Get Resolved 40%-60% Faster

5-Golden-TicketsAt IDS, we are always striving to resolve your support requests faster. In that pursuit, we did an analysis of the type of information we get when a support request is logged. Here are the top 3 ticket descriptions we get:

  1. Call Me (no other details)
  2. Problem with …x… call me (no other details)
  3. Something is going wrong and we need help (no other details)

We can most certainly call you and get the information over the phone. However, we estimate that had the information been provided upfront in the ticket, we could have resolved the issue for you 40%-60% FASTER.


By having all the information upfront on the Who, What, When, Where and How, including screenshots, we can better zero in on the root cause and not waste your time chasing dead ends that will not lead to a resolution. 

We understand this may seem like more upfront work. However, by getting your ticket resolved faster, you’ll actually SAVE time – because time is something we can all use more of!

Give it a try. When submitting a ticket via email or through the portal, think about the Who, What, When, Where and How:


1. Who is experiencing the issue?

a. One staff member, all staff members, certain staff members, etc. 

b. Which computer? Which printer?


2. What is going wrong or what do you need help with?

a. What is the error message? (screenshot is ideal)

b. Fully describe the help you need.


3. When is the problem occurring?

a. Every time?

b. Only sometimes?

c. Only when…


4. Where are you noticing a problem or where do you need help?

a. Which location (if you have multiple locations)

b. Which screen, report(s), menu, application, etc.


5. How did you already try to fix the problem or answer the question? By telling us upfront what you already tried, we won’t waste your time by asking you to do it again.

a. Did you already restart the computer/application?

b. Did you already cross-reference with other reports


Over the next 3 months, customers that submit what we call “Golden Tickets” that contain the “Who, What, When, Where and How” will be entered into a draw to win a $100 gift card.

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