Service: Improved Appointment Confirmation Emails

Emails sent as Appointment Confirmations from the Appointment Calendar were not easy to read in many cases when there were multiple long Complaints on the Appointment.

The spacing was improved on emails whose Template included the data field “Appt Complaints” from Service.

This improvement applies only to G2.

In G2 Admin > Setup > Configure CRM > Marketing > Update Email Templates, ensure that there is a template with a merge field “Appt. Complaints” of Type “Service”.

Next in G2 Admin > Setup > Configure Scheduler > Configure Appointment Calendar > Email Template; select the email template from the above step.

Finally, in G2 Service> Job Scheduler> Schedule Appointment, create an Appointment for a Customer who has a valid email address and enter three long complaints. Click on the Send button next to the Email field.

The multiple Complaints should be more legible than in the past.

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