Inventory: Inventory Manager to Display Age of on Order Units as 0

Unit Inventory

Inventory manager displays a zero for age on “on order” or “sold – on order” units.

In the Unit Inventory Manager, the Age will always display as “0” on Units which have a Status “On Order” or “Sold – On Order.” In the past, negative days were displayed in the detail grid if an Expected Arrival Date was input in the Received Date field in Maintain Unit Inventory for ordered units that had not yet arrived.

This change only affects G2 Users.

To See the Age of a Unit On Order in the Inventory Manager, user will need to be signed into G2.

In G2 Sales> Unit Inventory> Manage Unit Inventory, click on the Available Inventory checkbox and then on the Select \ Refresh Inventory. Then make sure the View of the detail grid displays a column for Age.

Next scroll down through the Units until you find one with a Status of “O” (for On Order) or “SO” (for Sold – On Order). Even if the Units have a Date in the Received Date field in Maintain Units, the Age will show as “0” in this case, regardless if the Date in the Received field is in the past or in the future. 

Inventory Manager - Display Age

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