Inventory: New Options Available When Copying MFG Options

Release 11.14.1

Variable properties are cleared when setting up new model year information.

Now Users can choose many of the data items to be copied over when copying the Specs and Options from one model year to the next. (Formerly, all data items were copied over, and then the User had to find and edit all the changes.) This feature is for G2 only.

To see how to select which Items get Copied from Model Year to Model Year in G2, Run G2 Admin> Update Codes and Tables> Inventory> Update Current Model Year.

Notice that that there are now new “Specs to Copy Over” and “Options to Copy Over” buttons. The current Model Year defaults in, enter a new Model Year, and then click on the checkboxes to enable the respective buttons.

Click the “Specs to Copy Over” or the Options to Carry Over” button; a new popup window will appear, and from here the User can choose the fields they want to copy over. Click OK to return to the main form.

On the main screen, click OK, and then both the Current Model Year and the appropriate Spec and Option files for new Current Model Year will be updated.

Inventory new options

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