Inventory: Updating Original Floorplan Amount

Release 11.14.1

Now, the original amount on flooring tab is updated when changing base cost on unit.

In Maintain Units, when the Base Cost of a unit is updated in the Cost Information tab, then if the User goes to the Floorplan tab, the User should get the option to update the Original Amount (of Flooring) to automatically match the new Base Cost or to keep the Original Amount as is. This change only applies to G2.

To see the original amount on the Flooring Tab Update, the user will need to be in G2 Sales > Unit Inventory > Maintain Units, select a unit that is floored but not in FS Status.

Then in the Cost Information tab, change the Base Cost amount. Next in the Flooring Information tab click on the Original Amount field; a small window should popup asking if you want to change the Original Amount to the new Purchase Price or not.

In the example below, the Base Cost was changed from $48,400 to $48,100 on the Cost Information tab, then on the Flooring Information tab; left click on the Original Amount field:

Inventory - Updating Floorplan Amount

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