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Manage Your Dealership, Not Your Server

Tired of looking aſter your dealership’s system server?

Then let us manage, maintain and operate a safe and secure server for you via IDS Cloud – allowing you to focus on growing your business, minus the costs and headaches involved in maintaining your own hardware.

IDS Cloud
Webinar Recording

Watch this webinar recording to find out why IDS Cloud might be right for you. Here’s a snippet of how it can help your dealership thrive:

  • Boost your system’s performance
  • Get support from IT staff who fully understand your system ad needs
  • Eliminate the time spent on regular software updates
  • Protect your data from risks like theft, fire and water damage
  • And so much more!


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 Why IDS Cloud

Improve Soſtware PerformanceImprove Soſtware Performance

Boost your system’s performance by hosting it on an environment optimized for your IDS soſtware.

Rely on the Best Tech Available

Rely on the Best Tech Available

Enjoy the security, speed and reliability of the most advanced server tech on the market.

Get Top-Notch Support

Get Top-Notch Support

Get support from IDS’ knowledgeable IT staff who fully understand your system and your needs.

Get More for Your Money

Get More for Your Money

It’s not just a server –
it’s the convenience of having everything
done for you.

Save Staff Time

Save Staff Time

Eliminate the time spent on regular soſtware
updates, backups and failed parts

Increase Server SecurityIncrease Server Security

Ensure your server resides in a much more secure building, protecting it from risks like theſt, fire and water damage.

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Other Key Perks

Data Security


Data Security

Protect your IDS data by keeping it in a remote, highly secure colocation facility. Think of it as a bank for your data.



Quick Disaster Recovery

Quick Disaster Recover

Enjoy 24/7 monitoring of your entire infrastructure and recover mission-critical functionality in case of a manmade or natural disaster, with minimal downtime losses to revenue or business.



Agility, Flexibility & Scalability

Agility, Flexibility & Scalability

Scale up or down your storage and processing resources to meet your business requirements in real time. No need to purchase additional equipment or schedule costly downtime for updates since we take care of everything for you without disrupting your regular work flow.



See what others say about IDS Cloud

We made the decision and commitment to move to IDS Cloud two years ago and we haven’t looked back. Once we made the move, our overall soſtware performance improved dramatically due to the increased speed relative to our old server. Everything runs much faster and smoother now.

What’s even more efficient is that IDS now manages, maintains and upgrades our system for us, which is one less thing we have to worry about.”

Greg Walker, COO, Vogt RV

We started out with less than 10 users in a single store a few years ago and now we have 30 users over three locations. IDS Cloud had a huge part to play in that. It allowed our business to grow easily, without having to worry about any type of expensive server replacement or upgrades.”

Hannah Gross, Accounting Manager, Bluegrass RV


Datacenter Compliance & Certifications

Datacenter Compliance & Certifications



Requirements: Static IP Addresses, 1MB Bandwidth per Concurrent IDS User


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