CRM: New Configuration to Require a Follow Up Activity


IDS has created a configuration to require a follow up activity upon creating leads or contacts. It has been requested that an option be available for a Dealership to make the Follow Up Schedule be mandatory for new Leads or Contacts when created in CRM. Sales Configuration # 94 was implemented to allow this option.

This feature only affects G2 CRM Users.

To Set the Mandatory Follow Ups Configuration:

In G2 Admin> Setup> Update Module Configurations, go to the Sales tab and view Configuration # 94: “Can a Lead/ Customer be saved without an open activity (Y/N)”.

A blank field or “Y” will allow a User to exit a new Lead or Contact without selecting a Follow Up Schedule when Saving.

Entering “N” after this Configuration will not allow a User to click on Cancel or to Save the New Lead or Contact without first selecting a Follow Up Schedule.

CRM - New Configuration

After changing the value for Configuration 94 to “N”, the cancel button is unavailable in the Schedule Follow Up popup window in the CRM Leads and Contacts screens – see below:

CRM - New Configuration 2

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