Parts: Additional Scanner Capability when Conducting a Parts Count

Release 11.14.4

The barcode protocol was revised a few years back to be more versatile in the input. When conducting a Parts Count, to improve the efficiency of entering a Bin Location, a Bin Location barcode is able to be scanned into all 4 Bin Location fields.

This enhancement is available for G2 and Astra.

To Test the New Bin Location Barcode Scanning in Parts Physical Inventory, users will go to G2 Parts> Utilities> Conduct a Parts Count, and on the Part 3: Update Parts tab, now a Bin Location’s barcode can be scanned into the 4 Bin Location fields (the Main Bin and 3 Surplus Bins).

In the example below, which is a Cycle Count for Bin A1, someone remembered there was some surplus storage in various places in the attic for these parts:

Parts-Scanner Capability

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