Parts: Emailing Customers when Special Orders Received

Release 11.14.4

Users Receiving Parts Special Orders now have the ability to automatically email a Customer upon Receipt of a Special Order Part in Parts Purchasing.

This feature applies to both G2 and Astra.

To Set Up the Configuration and Create an Email After a Parts Sale:

In G2 Admin> Setup> Update Modules Configurations, click on the Parts tab, and on line 65 “Email Customer / PO author when Customer special orders are received” in the Values Column, enter C for the Customer to receive a notification email (or B if you want both the Customer and the PO author to receive the email.)

Parts-Emailing Customer

Then in G2 Parts> Purchasing> Update Purchase order, Receive the Parts on a Purchase Order that has Parts designated for a specific Customer, then Save the Purchase Order.

Then a window should pops up with the To: defaulting to the Customer’s email address (the To: email address can be changed to your own email address to test this). Now click on the Send button (in the red box below).

Parts-Emailing Customer Special Order

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