Parts: Manually Add Parts to the Parts Manager Parts Needed Tab

G2 – Parts

Now Able to Add Existing Parts to a Purchase Order in Parts Manager “on the Fly”

It was requested that Users be able to add existing part numbers “on the fly” to Purchase Orders created in the Parts Manager.

This feature applies only to G2 Users.

In G2 Parts> Parts Maintenance> Manage Parts, in the Parts Needed tab in the lower set of tabs, have the user click on Select Parts so that at least 1 part fills the detail grid.

Now have the user right-click on a line in the detail grid, and a dropdown should appear. The top choice should be Add a Part,  click on that.

A new window Add Part should appear, and a valid part can be entered or a part # lookup via the Search button or by double-left clicking. Enter an existing Part #, and set a quantity of 1 or higher (negative numbers are not allowed here), then click on the OK button.

The Part # chosen to be added should appear at the end of the selection list. The focus will be brought there automatically, and the “Action to be Taken” column should have determined what to do with this added part. Clicking on the Go button in the bottom right should add these Parts to a New Purchase Order.

Add Parts Manually 

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