Parts: New Parts Inventory Count Scanner

Release 11.14.1

The newer Motorola (Symbol) Model MC-75A mobile scanner now integrates with IDS Parts and Unit Inventory Counts.

To Setup and Use the MC-75A Mobile Scanner the user will need to view/download the documentation that is available on the IDS Dealer Resource Center website:

Contact IDS Support if a new User ID is needed to access the DRC.

On the Downloads page of the DRC, there are various documents available:

1)      Under Other (color-coded orange) is a sub-section titled IDS Mobile Apps, documentation is available for download, featuring:

  • IDS Mobile Apps Installation and Setup
  • Mobile Apps Windows 7 Patch
  • Cycle Counts using IDS Mobile Apps
  • Parts YE Inv Using IDS Mobile Apps
  • Unit Inv Counts Using IDS Mobile Apps

2)      Under File and Program Downloads (color-coded blue), programs are available for download, featuring:

  • IDS Mobile Apps
  • Windows 7 64-bit Mobile Sync Patch


Motorola MC

Note: The Motorola MC-75A functions well with the MC- 70 cradle.










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