Payroll: Deduction Sequence Changes

Release 11.14.1

Prevent unbalanced payroll transactions.

Deduction Sequence Indexing now occurs automatically after any change to a Deduction in Payroll Setup. Prior to this, Deduction Sequence Indexing had to be run manually from Astra Menu 12-6-1, and if the User forgot, Astra and G2 could occasionally create General Ledger transactions, while Processing a Payroll, that would not Post correctly to the General Ledger. This change is available in G2 and Astra.

Astra and G2 will use an Index to speed up the system in spots where it frequently searches for data. If a Deduction was added or changed with the same Deduction Sequence as another Deduction (which is allowed for a reason), but the Index was not re-built before the next Payroll is processed, the Index could point to the GL Account for the wrong Deduction while creating the General Ledger transaction. The best solution to this potential problem was to re-build the Deduction Sequences Index after any Deduction is added or updated.

Payroll-Deduction Sequence

payroll deductions

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