CRM: Performance Improvements

The programming used to delete Leads from G2 was re-written to improve performance.

This change only affects G2 CRM Users.

To Observe this Reduction in the Lead Deletion Time, the users will log into G2 Sales> Launch CRM> Leads, select a Lead to be Deleted (such as, a duplicate Lead with a different Lead ID number) – see example below:

G2 CRM - Sales

After examining the individual Leads screen for both Leads to ensure the Leads are identical, back on the main Leads screen, left-click on the checkbox to the left of the newest Lead and then left-click on the red X icon on the task bar to delete the duplicate Lead.  A Confirm Deletion window should appear – see below:

G2 CRM - Deletion Window

Click the OK button, and the selected Lead should be deleted quickly now. 

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