How to Prevent Work Order Finalization Before Parts Required are Moved to Actual Configuration

In IDS Astra G2, there is now a way to prevent finalizing a work order before all the required parts have been moved to the actual configuration on that work order.

In G2 Admin > Setup > Update Module Configurations, select the Service tab.  

Service Config #171 will allow each dealership to choose what happens if all the parts required have not been moved to the actual configuration when a work order is finalized. The options are:

  • Y = display a warning message if the required and actual part quantities are not the same when trying to finalize the work order.
  • N = allow finalizing of the work order without a warning regardless of the parts required quantities.
  • M = make it mandatory that all parts have the same quantity on the parts required and actual view. If not, a message will come up saying that the finalization is being aborted. One of the required or actual quantities will need to be changed to allow the finalization. 


Prevent Work Order Finalization Screenshot





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