CRM: Preventing Duplicate Customers

When the system is set up for Strict Duplicate Customer Testing, the system does not allow a new Customer or Contact to be added who has certain data that matches an existing Customer or Contact in the system, such as Last Name, First Name, Street Address, Postal Code, etc. It was found that using Postal Code (ZIP Code) and Last Name only pulled in too many false matches, when the ZIP Code was the same and the Last Name sounded the same, and certain other situations, making it unnecessarily difficult and frustrating to add certain new Customers and Contacts.

This was most noticeable in trying to Qualify a Lead in CRM (which creates a new Contact.) The algorithm that determines the possible matches has been adjusted.

This improvement only applies to G2 Users.

To Test this Improvement sign into G2 and follow the path: G2 Admin> Setup> Update Module Configurations< click on the Accounts Receivable tab, on Config # 16 “Dup customer test – (S)oundex, (E)xact, or (E1)”, change the value to “S”, and on Config #17 “Strict dup cust testing (see help line below)”, change the value to “Y” – see illustration below:

Module Configuration

Now in G2 Sales> Launch CRM> Contacts, try to create and then Save a new Contact that has the same Last Name and Postal Code as an existing Contact, but a very different First Name such as Zoe. Users should be allowed to create the new Contact.

In the example below, the user was now able to add Ben Dauck and Leo Dauck as Contacts, when Calypso Dauck already existed, and they all had the same ZIP Code.

G2 Sales

(NOTE: Remember to set the AR Configurations back to the original settings after testing this.)

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