Service: Quickly Clear or Unschedule Mechanic Labour

A routine was needed to more quickly clear a Technician’s Schedule or un-schedule all scheduled labor for a Work Order or a Job.

This improvement only affects G2 Scheduler Users.

To See This Feature in Mechanic Scheduler, users will access G2 Service> Job Scheduler> Schedule Jobs, and on the Labor Scheduler, select a Mechanic, and on the right side, the schedule for today should appear. Select a time block and left click on it. A pane of choices should open, and then select Unschedule. 

To the right of Unschedule, another smaller pane should appear, offering the choice of Labor Line, Job, or Work Order/Estimate.  Choosing Job will clear all scheduled Labor for all uncompleted Labor Lines that were part of that Job even if assigned to different Mechanics. Likewise, choosing Work Order will clear all scheduled and uncompleted Jobs and Labor Lines from the Scheduler, even those assigned to other Mechanics.

Unschedule Mechanic Labour

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