Ransomware Can Steal All Your Data: Learn How to Prevent It

We’d like to notify you that some of our dealerships had lost all their data due to a ransomware worm called “WannaCry” that has infected countless computers across the world, including the United States and Canada.

How Does It Work?

After infecting a computer system, it blocks the user from accessing it until a ransom is paid. However, it’s been reported that paying the fee does not guarantee that the data will be restored and can in fact expose the victim to further risk.

How Bad is It?

The “WannaCry” outbreak has been labeled as one of the worst ransomware attacks in history. It has affected at least four of our dealer customers this year so far, and according to the latest reports, the threat will continue to spread quickly.

One of our dealers in Canada has recently lost all of its data to this malicious software and almost paid a ransom of over $6,000 to get it back.

However, since it’s unlikely that the data would be usable again, we advised against paying the fee. Now, Starport has to start over with a new server, new accounts and a new storage/rentals module.

This is Scary… How Do I Prevent It?

If you don’t want to lose your data, the simplest solution is to back it up using a secure data vault. Since you’re already our customer, we recommend synching your data with our remote vault. That way, you can quickly restore everything in case your system is compromised

If you’d like to learn more about our data vaulting service, just email your account manager, and we can chat more about it!




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