Parts: Recalculate Parts Min Max Levels

There is now the option to recalculate min/max on hand values based on seasonality.

It was requested that the Parts Minimum and Maximum values for a Parts Group be able to recalculate for all Parts in a Group based on that Parts Sales History.

The User will have a chance to see the proposed changes to the Min/Max stocking levels before putting the new values into effect. The theory is that the Parts Manager could run this twice a year, once before the start of the busy season and once again prior to the start of the slow season.

This feature is only available in G2.

To See this Recalculation the user will navigate to G2 Parts> Utilities> Maintain Parts Seasonal Min/Max, select a Parts Group Code, then fill in values for the other available fields. Next the user will click on the Preview Recalculated Min/Max, and a window should popup displaying a grid which shows the User what the system wants to use for Min/Max values for the Parts in the selected Parts Group.

The User can change the input values until the Min/Max values appear satisfactory, and then click on the Apply Recalculated Min/Max to put these new values into effect.

Recalculate Parts Min-Max -1


Recalculate Parts Min-Max-2

Below is an example of the Food & Beverage Group Preview prior to the busy season (in this case FB items are very slow sellers)

Recalculate Parts Max-Min -3

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