How to Pull Up a Report Listing the Parts Deleted from Work Orders

With the 12.2.3 release of IDS Astra (or higher), you can pull up a new parts report that lists all the work orders – open or closed – from which parts have been removed, based on a specific date range.

In G2, you can find the report on the Service reports menu, where it’s listed as Work Order Parts Deleted. In traditional Astra, choose 4-3-2-34-20.

The report contains the following prompts:

  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Work Order
  • Part Number
  • User ID

Here’s an example:

Work Order Parts Deleted Report

And the following columns:

  • Work Order number
  • Date
  • Part Number/Description
  • Job #
  • Quantity
  • User

Here’s an example:

Work Order Parts Deleted Report Example

This report will show if the part quantity used is reduced or if the parts line is deleted from the work order.

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