Sales: New Single Screen Work a Deal Available

Release 11.14.1

With the 11.14.1 release, users may now work-a-deal on a single screen in G2. The Work-A-Deal feature on Sales Quotes, Finance Quotes, and Deals in G2 is now contained on one popup window.

To see how the Work-A-Deal Feature works now in G2 Sales> Sales> Update Sales Quote, select any Sales Quote.

Or in G2, Sales> Finance> Update Finance Quotes or Update Deals, select and open a non-posted (not Status FS) Quote or Deal.

Then on the Task bar at the top of the screen, left-click on Functions and at the bottom of the dropdown, select Work-a-Deal (or press Control-W). The User can change the values in the popup window, but the changes will not be written to the Quote until the “Apply to Quote” button is clicked on.

Note: In a Deal, the Finance Payments area at the top is replaced by a Payment Calculator area, but numbers entered in this area do NOT ever get applied to the deal, they are for display only, but changes in the Gross Profit Calculations frame WILL apply to the deal.

sales new screen

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