Sales: New Warning Message Is Now Available When Quoting a Capped Unit

Release 11.14.4

Sales and F&I

Users are now able to show a warning when entering a capped stock # in a fi quote in G2.

FI Quotes will allow a User to select a Unit that has already been Capped in another Deal, for the purpose of taking a backup Quote or Deposit, in case, for example, the original buyer is not approved for financing.

However, it was requested that a warning message appear when this happens, in case there is a similar unit that the second Buyer could substitute in the Quote and then successfully convert to a Deal. This fix closes a loophole where Users were Converting Sales Quotes to FI Quotes and not getting a warning message. This change only applies to G2.

Note: Units with a Status of Final Sale (FS) from a Posted Deal will not be allowed on a Finance Quote and will be rejected.

To View the Warning Message when Entering a Capped Unit in Finance Quotes:

To make sure you are set up to Allow Quoting on Capped Units:

In G2 Admin> Setup> Update Module Configurations, click on the Finance & Insurance tab and make sure line 14 has a Y to the right – see below:

New Warning Message is now Available When Quoting a Capped Unit1


Then in G2> Sales> Update Sales Quotes, create a new Sales Quote for a Customer and select a Stock # with a Status of “SA” (Sold, Available which means Capped.) A Warning Message should pop up as shown below:

Note: in this case, the word Sold in the warning message means Capped and not yet Posted.

New Warning Message is now Available When Quoting a Capped Unit2


Now click on the OK button on the Warning Message popup. In the upper left corner of the Sales Quote screen, click on File and a dropdown should appear.

Select Convert to FI Quote, and you should get the Warning Message popup one more time before the Sales Quote is converted to a FI Quote.

New Warning Message is now Available When Quoting a Capped Unit3

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