Sales: Toggle Cost Display On and Off in FI Quotes

Release 11.15.4

Sales and Finance

Add ability to toggle cost details on or off in finance quotes.

It was requested that Finance Quotes have the ability to toggle the Cost Details off and on in various parts of the Update Finance Quote screens.

This feature is only available in G2.

In G2 Sales> Finance> Update Finance Quotes, and select an existing FI Quote with an Inventory Status of A for Available. In the Functions dropdown on the task bar, there is now a choice called “Toggle Details”. It has been purposely left vague so that a customer seeing it will not know what it means; only the Users at the dealership should know what Toggle Details means.

toggle cost display1

Note: The menu item does not tell you whether this feature is currently toggled ON or OFF; this is intentional. Only by toggling (using Ctrl-T), will it be clear to see if the show costs feature is currently on or off.

Based on the toggle state of the item, the following will be visible or invisible:

– “Unit Values” frame in the bottom right of the “Customer /Unit” tab

Toggle Cost Display2

  – “Cost” column in the Dealer Option grid of “Quote Details -> Dealer Opts” tab

Toggle Cost Display3

  – “Cost” column in the Extras grid of “Quote Details -> Extras” tab

Toggle Costo Display4

  – “Income” column in the Insurance grid of “Quote Details -> Insurance” tab

Toggle Costo Display5

  – “Compensation” columns in the 2 Insurance grids of the “Finalize Quote” tab

Toggle Cost Display6

  – “Cash Payment vs Proposed Financing” frame of the “Financing” tab

Toggle Cost Display7

  – “Total Interest”, “End Balance”, “Final Payment” and “Savings vs Monthly” columns of the “Compound Method Payment Comparison” frame of the “Financing” tab

Toggle Cost Display8

Try toggling each of these tabs in Update FI Quote off and on (by using Ctrl-T) and seeing the items listed above on various screens appear/disappear.

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