Scheduler: Additional Unit Details on Mechanic Job Schedule

Release 11.14.4

Mechanics now have additional information in the short description “strip” regarding the Unit that is to be worked on for each scheduled Labor Operation:

Serial #, Chassis # or Hull#, License #, Tag #, and Miles/Hours.

If the kiosk or PC is equipped with a monitor running at high resolution, the display will show an additional column of the items of information stacked in that column:
Location, Job Salesman, Key #, Marina, and Boat Name if applicable.

This improvement only affects G2 Scheduler Users.

To See the Additional Information Displayed on the Mechanics Log In:

In G2 Service> Job Scheduler> Login to a Job, select a Mechanic, then look at the newly formatted description “strip” for each of the next few Jobs – see the example below where the new information fields are circled in green.

scheduler unit details

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