Service: Linking Photos to G2 Work Orders

Release 11.14.4

Now on the G2 Update Work Order screen is a new icon which will allow photos and documents to be attached to the Work Order record. The photos and documents stored by this method will reside in the cloud and must be accessed via an internet connection.

The photos and documents are uploaded to storage from the Update Work Order task in G2 Service. The User has the option to link each item uploaded to a specific Job or to All Jobs in that Work Order. The items uploaded can then be viewed, deleted or downloaded to the PC User’s Download folder. Multiple photos or documents can be opened and viewed simultaneously from different Jobs or even different Work Orders.

This feature is available only in G2 and will require setup by IDS Releases on the Dealer’s server prior to use. Please email RELEASES@IDS-ASTRA.COM to schedule installation of the Document Management System’s components if you are a G2 User and want to use this feature.

See Below to View Screenshots of a Photo Attaching to a Work Order:

In G2 Service> Work Order> Update Work Orders, open an existing Work Order, then click on the new black icon (resembling a tiny black filing cabinet) currently on the right end of task bar line of icons – see below:

Service - Linking Photos to Work Orders

When clicked on, a new screen appears labeled Document Management.

In the example below, notice that the top of the screen (see the green arrow) indicates the Astra Location Code (RVK, in this case) and the Work Order # (2720, in this case).

To store a photo, click on the “Select files” button (see the red arrow) in the blue area to the left, then search the PC or network, and select the photo to upload by clicking on it. The photo or file name will appear in the popup window; then click on the Open button. The file name and a small image should now appear at the top of the white area to the right on the Document Management window – see below:

Service - Linking Photos to Orders

service linking photo

Service - Linking Photos2

To retrieve a photo for viewing, open the Work Order in G2 Update Work Orders where the photo was stored, select either a specific Job or All Jobs, and then click on the Document Management System icon.

Now view the list of files attached to this Work Order or Job, and then select one by left-clicking on it – see the example above.

To Download, Delete or Rename a photo or document stored on a Work Order, follow the same process as above but right-click on the selected item, and a list of 3 options should pop up to the right; select an option by clicking on it to continue – see below:

Service - Linking Photos3

If the Download option is chosen, a copy of the photo or document will be downloaded to the User’s Download folder in a special Folder labeled CSI Document Manager – see the example below:

Note: There are several type of files which will not be allowed to be stored and attached to Work Orders, which are those which are executable programs or might affect the system and have a suffix of .exe, .com, .msi, .reg, .vbs.

Service - Linking Photos4

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