Service: Use Generic Part Numbers on Keystone EDI Warranty Claims

Release 11.14.4

Dealers who use the Keystone Electronic Data Integration (EDI) method of submitting Warranty Claims can now easily submit generic parts on their Claims to Keystone.

This feature is available only in G2.

*Note: Keystone must be set up as an EDI Warranty Customer prior to trying this.

To Test Sending in a Generic Part on a Keystone EDI Warranty Claim, users will go into G2 Service> Work Order> Update Work Order on a Keystone Unit, have non-Keystone Part # in Actual Parts on a Job coded as Warranty to Keystone.

Then on the Warranty Claim tab, in the Unclaimed area click on the Submit Preauth button, or click on Create Claim button and then in the Claimed area, click on the Submit EDI Claim button.

In either case, a Claim Data window should pop up. On the Claim Data window, click on the upper tab Job Details and then click on the lower tab Parts.

Unacceptable generic Part #s will be indicated by being highlighted in yellow with the writing in red – see the example below for Part # 1010 Brake Fluid. By left-clicking on the unacceptable Part #, the Keystone Generic Part Catalog table will appear with acceptable Keystone Part Numbers. Select one of these to replace the unacceptable Part Number and click on the OK button and the red numbers in the yellow highlight will disappear from the Claim Data.

Service-Generic Part Nimbers


Services- Use Generic Part Numbers on Warranty Claims

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