Step by Step: Setting up Epson Printer for Forms


This tech note provides the step by step process to setting up a new Epson LQ 2090 or LQ 2180 printer to print forms from Astra.

Problem Description

Forms printer needs to be setup on a computer.


1.  Unbox the printer and plug it in.

Auto feed the paper into the top roller.

Change the Font and Pitch buttons to a font of Courier and a pitch of 10.

Check the Thickness lever under the top cover (right side).  The number should correspond to the number of page of the form (single sheet should be 1).

2.   On Windows 7 or Windows 8, load a driver for the printer using the Generic manufacturer and Generic IBM 9 Pin Wide driver.  On Windows XP, select the IBM ProPrinter II driver.

3.  Micro- Adjust or Short Adjust the printer so it is set to its lowest limit.

First put a sheet of paper in and push the pause button on the front panel of the printer. Hold the button in for approximately 3 seconds until the printer beeps indicating that it is in short-adjust mode.

Put the printer in plain-paper mode by pushing the lever on the right-hand side of the printer to the rear-most position.

Load one sheet of paper into the printer.

Push and hold the LF/FF button on the front panel of the printer until the printer beeps. The paper will move back and stop.

Push the LF/FF button one more time and hold it in until the printer begins beeping repeatedly.

Push the Pause button again. The printer will beep indicating that the setting is saved.

4.  Check Astra port file on this machine to ensure LASER is not in the Style field under menu 11-3-1

5.  Check Accuterm (File – Print Setup) to ensure that the Epson (Generic) driver is selected and Slave is set to TEXT.

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