Step by Step: Setting up a Barcode Printer


This tech note will explain the process when the Zebra barcode printer is not printing or not printing correctly in Astra.

Problem Description

Zebra barcode printer is not printing or not printing correctly from Astra.


The first item to check is making sure the barcode printer is the default printer:

Click onto the Start button (bottom left of Window desktop) then click on Printers (Devices and Printers on Windows 7, Printers and Faxes on XP)

Find the barcode printer and right click on it and click on Set as Default Printer

Next, open the internet browser to the following page:


username is IDS

password is Download2013

Double click on Bar Code Printer Installer.msi and click the button to Run it.

A new Icon on the desktop once it is installed.

If the barcode printer driver is named ZDesigner lp 2824 plus ZPL, right  click on the printer again and click on Printer Properties.

Click on the Advanced tab of the printer properties and change the driver to ZDesigner LP 2824 plus EPL

If that printer choice is not listed, then choose New and for manufacturer, choose Generic, then Generic Text Only.

Click on the button on the desktop to reset the printer.  The printer should blink in response.

Last, change the default printer back to the preferred printer of choice for Windows and then test print a barcode. 

If there are extra characters on the 2nd label, go back into the printer properties of the ZDesigner, click on Advanced and change the driver to Generic/Text Only.

If this driver is not in the list, it will need to be added. The manufacturer is Generic and then Generic/Text Only.

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