Step by Step: Scheduler Pay Period Display Setup

In the Tech Screen for Service scheduler we have a new Column in the lower right hand corner for the Techs “Pay Period”. 

Screen shot of the lower right hand corner of the Techs view:

Scheduler Pay Period Display Setup1


For the Premise time to be reported in the “Pay Period” there are 5 areas that need to be addressed.


Mod Config 114 must be set to P or M (“P” if they use our Payroll or “M” if not)

Screen Shot 1


The Tech must have an Employee number.

Screen Shot 2


A current year Payroll schedule must be setup (pretty easy)

Screen Shot 3


Item 10 must be set to the same year as you created the Payroll schedule for.

Screen Shot 4


Each employee needs to have the appropriate Pay Schedule selected

Screen Shot 5

Screen Shot 1.

Scheduler Pay Period Display Setup2


Screen Shot 2

 To create an Employee number goto “Manager Settings” of the Maintain Mechanic in Scheduler Setup

(by far the easiest place) or you can setup  Accounting > Payroll > Maintain employees.

Scheduler Pay Period Display Setup3


Screen Shot 3

This pay period is define in Admin > Setup > Configure Payroll > Payment Schedules Tab

(I have only tested B-Weekly but I assume all Frequency selections work also).

Scheduler Pay Period Display Setup4


Screen Shot 4

Scheduler Pay Period Display Setup5


Screen Shot 5

Accounting > Payroll>Maintain Employees

Scheduler Pay Period Display Setup6

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