Support: Viewing Your IDS Support Ticket Status and History

PURPOSE: The ticket portal will allow users to see the history of a dealerships support tickets, view current tickets, add notes to a current ticket, or create a new ticket. This technical document will demonstrate the different options.

Astra Product: Ticket Portal


Users may access the ticket portal by going to If a user has not been set up with a username and password, contact the IDS help desk. The user will need to let support know the username and password they would prefer. The password needs to be eight characters or less.

The first time a user logs into the ticket portal, they will see a blank screen. On the left-hand side of the screen, notice the word tickets. Click there.

IDS Ticket Status


Once the user clicks the Tickets link, the screen will update and there will be tabs listed across the top. The portal will default to the Open Tickets tab and any open tickets will be displayed.

 IDS Ticket Status


Users can click on the blue hyper link ticket number to view the ticket details, such as the contact name (Original user that submitted the ticket), the status of the ticket, the date the ticket was received, subject of the matter, description, and any comments. To return to the ticket list view, click the List View Icon.

IDS Ticket Status


Moving across the top of the Tickets screen, the next tab is Closed Tickets. This tab will show all closed tickets for the specific dealership. Click the blue hyper link ticket number and a user will then be able to see the details of the ticket. Such as, description of the problem or questions reported and the solution.

The next tab is All Tickets. This tab will display all tabs the dealership has logged with IDS be it open or closed.

All the way to the left of the Tickets screen is a lookup feature. Click the magnify glass and a search bar will open. The user will have several choices on how to search for a ticket. The portal will default to Ticket ID.  This is a drop down box and the user may choose one of the options listed if need be.  Once all the necessary information has been entered, the portal will display all relevant tickets.

IDS Ticket Status


IDS Ticket Status

Users may also add a new ticket. All the way on the left hand side of the screen under the username is the Add Ticket option.

IDS Ticket Status


Once the user has clicked Add Ticket, the screen will update and the user will need to fill in the required fields. Be sure to include as much detail in the description as possible. Details such as:

  • Is the issue in traditional Astra or G2
  • What is the name of the screen and the steps on how to get to that screen
  • Report name and how the report prompts were answered
  • F&I Form number and an example quote or deal number
  • Source reference number (ie: work order number, part number, stock number, invoice number, etc) that can be used to see the issue
  • IDS location code (ie: A1010, SRV, TPA)

Be sure to include a phone number and an email address that the user can be reached. If a user can provide a screen shot or an attachment to help explain what is wrong or what the questions is, the ticket will need to be saved first. Have the user enter in all the information and press the Save icon on the right side. Once the ticket has been saved, the user may go back into the ticket and add attachments. Click the Green Plus sign to add an attachment.

IDS Ticket Status


Once the ticket has been saved, the user will see the above screen and may want to take note of the ticket number for future reference. 

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