Sales: Update Unit Inclusion From Quotes

Now in G2 Update FI Quotes or Update Deals, an Inclusion (such as a motor or a trailer) can be appended to a Unit (such as a boat) without having to repeat these steps in Maintain Units.

To See this, users will open G2 and then G2 Sales> Finance> Update Deal, on the Quote Details tab, click on the Inclusions tab near the center of the screen.

Users may now list some Inclusion(s), then click on the Add Inclusions to Inventory button in the bottom right corner – see the example below where 2 motors and a trailer are being included:

G2 Sales - Update Deals

Now In G2 Sales> Unit Inventory> Maintain Units, select the main unit being sold (the boat, in this case) on the Deal. Then on the Main tab, left-click on the Inclusions tab near the center of the screen, and the user will notice the items(s) included in the Deal screen also appear in the Maintain Units screen – see below:

G2 Sales - Maintain Units



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