Webinar Archive: Astra G2 v11.14.01 for Marine

Watch this webinar archive to find out what’s new in IDS Astra G2 v11.14.01 January release for Marine dealers.


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Mobile App Beta Program

IDS is working on a mobile application to facilitate parts inventory counts and would like to Beta test the first part of the solution. Please contact Ajay Thakur at (800) 962-7872 ext. 143 or a.thakur@ids-astra.com to participate in this program.


Got Ideas?

IDS welcomes customer participation and greatly appreciates suggestions and feedback. Please contact Product Management at mbritz@ids-astra.com or (800) 962-7872 x185 to submit an enhancement request.



How Summit RV Wins at Business Management Like a Major-League Team

As the company grew – they needed to play more like a team.
We sat down with James Bradley, second-generation owner of Summit RV, to learn their secrets.