Service: Work Order Extras Report


Allows service personnel to view the sales of work order extras such as shop supplies and freight within a time frame.

Astra Product

G2 – Service Reports – Run Reports – W/O Extras Report

Astra routine 4-3-2-34-1


When the menu of reports displays, find Work Order Extras Sales by Date and click to highlight. The right side of the screen will change and a user may then enter in a date range. 


This report can be run it for all Work Order Extras codes or one specific code at a time.

If ran for one specific code, the report will only show that code in the report. Once a user has entered in the desired selection criteria they can then choose for the report to be previewed, send by email, print to a default printer, exported to Excel, along with several other output options. Once the output is determined the user will then click the print button and the report will be displayed. 



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