7 Time-saving Benefits of IDS Astra G2 Dealer Management Software

If you could reduce the time your Parts department, Accessory Store / Ship’s Store personnel spend managing inventory and spend more time selling to customers, would you be interested in how?

I have listed the top 7 tasks I find waste the most time in the RV and Marine dealerships I visit, and how IDS Astra G2 can help:

  1. Special Order processing.
    Whether the special order comes from the service department for a specific job or for a customer over the counter, the parts personnel spend a lot of time handling the paper work, i.e. special order cards or requests, ensuring the item is on a purchase order, notifying service advisors of status, etc.  IDS Astra G2 RV and Marine dealer management software will track your special orders, place them on purchase orders so you won’t forget, and notify Service advisors of the status.
  2. Changing Prices on stock in the store.
    Many stores do not change their pricing on in-stock items due to the extensive time to change the price tags, and the difficulty of removing old price tags.  Using bar coding in your Marine or RV parts inventory system will allow your store to price shelves and hooks only.  The net effect is higher gross profits in your store.  Update your pricing as your RV and Marine vendors send out price updates through IDS Astra G2’s price update utility.  Items you purchased before the price update will be sold at the new retail level.
  3. Stock orders.
    Many stores create reports and perform “walk-arounds” to create their store stock purchase orders.  The process requires the store personnel to perform data entry into the purchase order and balance against either a consumption report or inventory report.  IDS Astra G2’s RV and Marine purchasing features enable you to put items on your purchase order by either minimum stocking level or maximum stocking level.  I always suggest a thorough walk around of the store daily for general cleanup, inventory issues, pilferage items, etc.
  4. Where did we put that part?
    The location of special orders and overstocked items often does not make it to the paperwork.    Part personnel often spend a lot of time searching for items they know they have or received.  Often times this is caused when the person, who received the part, is unable to answer where it went.  The IDS Astra G2 RV and Marine software program allows for locations to be input for items as they are received.
  5. The same item under multiple part numbers.
    Many stores buy the same items from multiple vendors and have no way of cross referencing or knowing how many of that item they truly have in stock.  IDS Astra G2’s parts and inventory software features allow for as many vendor part numbers as you need to be stored under the main part number for an item; UPC, manufacturer number, vendor number.  You can input any one of the vendor part numbers, UPC, or manufacturer number and find the item with your stocking part number.  You will have much better control of your inventory and better reporting on turns.
  6. Parts and service communications.
    How often do your parts managers and service advisors/managers spend all day trying to catch up with each other for updates on Service special orders?  IDS Astra G2’s Marine and RV service features will email service advisors when a service special order is received.  Service advisors can also see the status of the special order and expected date from within the work order itself.  They will also be able to see statuses within the management grids.
  7. Running reports and finding the correct information.
    Many store managers spend a lot of time creating, running and reviewing reports looking for information on open purchase orders, parts consumptions, low inventory, open special orders, obsolete parts, etc.  IDS Astra G2 dealer management software puts this information directly in front of you with Management Grids.  Parts personnel can view parts movement of any type, parts needed for special orders or below minimum stocking level, purchase orders and special orders.   The grids can be sorted by any column, filtered by any column and exported to excel as well.   A great tool for the quick look up or if you like, click on any item to go to that item.  All grids are hot spotted for easy access to the item you want to work on.

So how much time will you save in your Parts department, Accessory Store / Ship’s Store?  By streamlining the work flow in your store and adding tools for managing inventory and processes though IDS Astra G2, you can increase your  inventory turn, reduce lost sales by having what you need in stock, increase gross profits, and maximize store personnel efficiency.

What will your team do with that extra time available?  Sell more parts and Accessories!

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