Analyze Salesfloor Traffic with IDS Astra CRM’s Up Management System

IDS Astra G2 CRM’s new Up Management System lets you analyze all of the Salesfloor traffic in your Dealership through one simple, easy-to-use form.

Leveraging the data captured on the Up form, CRM’s Reporting functions allow you to measure and compare the success ratios of each Salesperson at every stage of your Sales process.

Measuring and analyzing your traffic and success rates gives you unprecedented control over your Sales staff’s performance, allowing you to make the incremental improvements that will result in increased sales and greater profits.

The Up form is fully integrated with other features in both CRM and Astra G2:

  • The View Possible Matches function helps maintain the integrity of your data by eliminating duplicate or redundant customer entries.
  • You can automatically  generate a Follow Up Activity or select a Follow Up Schedule as appropriate.
  • Sales Quotes and/or F&I Quotes can be generated directly from the Up.
  • The Up form automatically manages your Contacts, Opportunities and associated activities, to save you time and effort
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